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Exterminate Rats & Mice

Many Northland properties are invaded in autumn every year as rats and mice seek shelter in cooler weather. Others may be invaded when nearby areas are developed.

They will often inhabit the roof cavity area of houses and other buildings which presents a real health and safety risk as they have a habit of chewing the electrical wiring causing faults or at worst fire, plumbing causing leaks and damage, and to timber in the roof causing damage. An adult house mouse produces 50 to 100 droppings per day, a rat about 40 to 50 droppings per day and over 10 litres of urine per year – you can imagine the putrid smell this can cause in your home.

We determine the species, the extent and severity of the problem, the location of harbourages and areas of activity and appropriate control strategies. Rodents develop territories and have a social hierarchy. Not all will have equal access to baits. The most dominant and aggressive individuals tend to be the oldest and largest male members of the colony. Our treatment programmes are designed to control the colony, rather than a few individuals.

Baiting is the most common method used by Pest Managers and by the general public – the differences are that our professional pest control technicians know which active ingredients and formulations are most suitable for the situation at hand and they will often integrate other actions such as trapping, exclusion, hygiene suggestions etc, depending on what they find in the inspection.

In most cases, our successful rodent control service starts with a our 6-week Starter Intensive Rodent Control Programme of intensive baiting. You will normally notice a marked reduction in rodent activity within a week. Our experienced technician may make a recommendation to continue with a monthly maintenance programme if there is a risk of re-infestation. If you wish to proceed with this recommendation, our technician will set up a monthly schedule of servicing programme for you.

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